This Is Dubstep Vol.1

The collection was received with great acclaim, not a surprise considering GetDarker’s pedigree in the bass game. The success of this led to two more volumes this year.


1 Spliff Headz 69
2 Genesis IV (Thus the Heavens and the Earth Were Finished) Krystian Shek
3 A Bit Like Alise Sqz Me
4 Bad Doll (DeDUBros Dub Mix) Antiplastic
5 Superstar 4 a Week BuzzoMan & Cesco Jam
6 Highla EQuBE
7 Hoota Ioshi
8 Kulcha Dub Kai Li
9 Cute But Evil Magican
10 Murda Dub Fiend
11 Funk Step Septimo Rey
12 Time to Die E5kipta
13 Dub Splash LOWKIDUBS & Miss Twist
14 Veter (Coldcrude Remix) Moosa
15 Lights Out Psychotics
16 Hostages Secure Ready for You Traccr
17 Oblivium (Oliver Lamur Dubstep Remix) Ciro Parcheri
18 Impeccable Flows (De Niro Remix) ANDYPOP
19 Slender LV & DubZaP
20 Bossa Noir Smoke Maze
21 Time of Reflection (Eidos Remix) Abstraction Unit
22 Netherworld (Dubzap Remix) Infekt
23 Unchained Beats (Compulsive Mood Remix) Scapo
24 Bungalow A Contrari
25 One Time NuclearChild
26 Dynamic Boy Funktastic
27 Lion of Zion Sowljah
28 Who Are We Zombie Apocalypse Klub