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AEI’s Digital Distribution

With over 10 years in the digital distribution game we are extremely proud of the rapid growth of our network, identifying new services early and licensing our catalogue for sale or stream.

Our experience allows us to work closely with dedicated label relations personnel at iTunes, Spotify, Beatport and Google Play giving us invaluable relationships with the key editorial teams on both sides of the atlantic. Serious content providers deserve serious in-store profile, as such we consistently achieve prominent promotion for our singles, EPs and albums with the various DSPs.

Digital Distribution

Working with us

How do rights holders work with AEI's distribution network?

Label Distribution
We manage and distribute an entire label’s catalogue, taking a distribution fee by way of a percentage of net receipts (income received from sales and streams).

Label Joint Venture (JV)
Both label and AEI work together and split resource across the various label services (PR, radio plugging, marketing etc) and share the profit.

Artist Signing
We sign records and artists! AEI’s repertoire is growing and our A&R team are constantly listening out for new talent in our specialist fields of electronic music.

Compilation Licensors
UKF, Drum&BassArena, TheSoundYouNeed, All Trap Music, GetDarker, SubSoul, NCS… our compilation brands are known around the world. Whilst we sign exclusive tracks for these albums, the bulk of the tracks are licensed from other labels, majors and indies included.

YouTube Channel Owners
With nearly 20m subscribers in our network, YouTube creators and curators choose AEI to make the most of their channel, utilising our experienced Google/YouTube partnership to secure premium ads and maximising revenue opportunities.

YouTube Content ID
With YouTube’s powerful sound identification system, we are able to register recordings on behalf of rightsholders and claim any income generated by 3rd party uploads, also known as UGC (User Generated Content).

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