Jenni Cochrane

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Jenni CochraneAEI Since: April 2012

Joining AEI in 2012 with a jet-set spirit, Jenni arrived after a seven year stretch at Ministry Of Sound as Director Of Tours & Events and headed up AEI’s live division, instantly kickstarting our presence on the international event and festival circuit with world-renowned events such as EXIT and Let It Roll among many others. Now charged with development of brand new innovative ventures and projects, Jenni’s role as a Director is as a key instigator for sourcing and developing new opportunities and partnerships across the business, including live, brand, sponsorship, media and the management of AEI’s key client and partner relationships.

Her travels and longstanding role within the industry ensures Jenni’s full understanding of the widest picture of the industry from all perspectives – from the dancefloor to the artist to behind the scenes – on which she regularly discusses at some of electronic music’s largest conferences.