All AEI curator partners have their own success story:

UKF joined AEI in 2011, by the end of the year the brand sold out London’s iconic Alexandra Palace. Since then UKF has curated and hosted mainstages and arenas at some of the world’s most famous festivals such as EXIT festival, Serbia, and Stereosonic Festival, Australia.

With AEI’s resources and infrastructure All Trap Music curated and released the genre’s first ever compilation. It peaked at two in the US iTunes chart. All Trap Music has since gone on to create four volumes with AEI. All of which remain in the US iTunes chart to this day.

AEI’s most recent success story is TheSoundYouNeed…

“AEI have allowed me to make my dreams of TheSoundYouNeed a reality… When I first set up my brand I had no idea how far I could take it. AEI have helped me take it further than I anticipated in such a short amount of time.”Olivier Dutertre, TheSoundYouNeed founder

TheSoundYouNeed joined AEI in summer 2014, less than 18 months since its inception. The first phase of development was to capture the brand’s message, attitude and passion in a physical album release. The album TheSoundYouNeed Volume 1, which featured the likes of Flume, Chet Faker, Banks, Disclosure, Duke Dumont and many more, was released in November 2014 and reached three in the iTunes dance chart. The series has since gone on to develop a second volume in 2015.

The second phase of development was to establish TheSoundYouNeed in the live arena. To date AEI has helped to curate, organise, promote and market a variety of high profile, unique live experiences around the world…

  • A sold out Paris festival in March 2015 that was hosted across a number of venues and outdoor spaces in the French capital.
  • TheSoundYouNeed stage Sea Dance Festival, Montenegro (July 2015)
  • LA debut that was so popular it had to be moved to larger venue (September 2015)
  • A sold out event at Brixton Academy, London (November 2015)
  • TheSoundYouNeed Festival, Malta (forthcoming in August 2016)

And this is just the beginning. Work with us and create your own unique success story…

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